The Olympic front squat

“The Olympic front squat, as opposed to the silly ‘bodybuilders hands crossed over the bar front squat’, is one of the best exercises that can be performed in the gym. It uses practically every muscle in the body, takes the joints through a complete range of motion, and strengthens and stretches the body more than most other lower limb exercises. Most strength coaches find it irritating, therefore, when their athletes cannot perform the front squat correctly due to shoulder injury, insufficient mobility in the shoulders, elbows and wrists or have bony school girl deltoids and can’t rack the bar comfortably. Getstrength’s Front Squat Harness allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of front squatting, even if they suffer from the above complaints. It is comfortable, durable and can take heavy loading. I highly recommend it for every gym, personal trainer and strength coach.”

Tony Boutagy Boutagy Fitness Institute Australia Australia

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