Hi Steve,

Just wanted to say thanks again. Zercher harness has arrived. The medium harness is a solid fit – have had a play and can already see that this new toy will cause some serious destruction.

Well built to getstrength again.

Take care,

Scott Little

Senior Educator

Now you have a third and by far best method of training the front squat…..A Jones Crusaders Head Strength Coach

This Front Squat tool of yours is simply GREAT!

I used 94 kg (more or less 205 pounds I think!) for 12 good reps last night, just immediately after done 203 kg (more or less 445 pounds I think!) for 3 good reps with my custom Squat Safety Bar on a box high 30 cm (almost 12 inches I think!) … now ALL my legs are sore and shake as gelatine … BUT I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEM IN MY BACK, SHOULDERS OR KNEES!

Federico. Italy



Mantis USA

Gentlemen, I purchased your squat harness sometime back and just wanted to let you know that it is working great for a 61 year old man with bad shoulders. I am making more progress than when I was in my 20′s. Cheers to all down under and I forgot just how far till I looked you up to see how far you were from Australia. Thank you

Bill Cullen Pekin,Ill. U.S.A.

I received it today. I already tried and loved it.


Dan (USA)

Hi there it’s wayne pinkowski here just letting you know that i just received the products i was waiting on, the 2 inch pulldown bar and the 2 inch tricep pushdown bar. Also i thought i mite let you know that i have tried the front squat harness that i purchased and think it is absolutely brilliant, all the guys in the gym thinks its greats aswell.It was money well spent and i look forward to purchasing more strongman products.

Wayne Pinkowski

“The Olympic front squat, as opposed to the silly ‘bodybuilders hands crossed over the bar front squat’, is one of the best exercises that can be performed in the gym. It uses practically every muscle in the body, takes the joints through a complete range of motion, and strengthens and stretches the body more than most other lower limb exercises. Most strength coaches find it irritating, therefore, when their athletes cannot perform the front squat correctly due to shoulder injury, insufficient mobility in the shoulders, elbows and wrists or have bony school girl deltoids and can’t rack the bar comfortably. Getstrength’s Front Squat Harness allows everyone to enjoy the benefits of front squatting, even if they suffer from the above complaints. It is comfortable, durable and can take heavy loading. I highly recommend it for every gym, personal trainer and strength coach.”

Tony Boutagy

Sydney Sports & Athletic Performance Centre


“I consider the front squat to be one of the most important lower body options available to strength coaches. Often I will prescribe it first when teaching young athletes to squat as it reinforces the chest up position that is required when squatting. Also it is important in strengthening the receiving position of the clean and by being able to front squat in excess of your clean weight you have the confidence to trust your leg strength when you are coming up out of a heavy clean.

The one problem that most athletes have is that they complain of sore wrists when trying to rack the front squat correctly using the clean grip. Of course you could revert to the bodybuilding style of crossed arms front squat but this is only one part of the problem solved and it also does not transfer as well to the clean. You could also use lifting straps attached to the bar as a much better option than the bodybuilding style of front squat.

Now you have a third and by far best method of training the front squat, by using the harness you can position the bar in a similar position to the regular front squat, whilst working on the necessary flexibility to perform the front squat. The harness comes in two sizes fitting all body sizes comfortably and enables you to grab the top of the handles keeping the elbows up and also because of the fact that the weight is out in front of the athlete the lower back has to work harder to keep you upright. This further strengthens the posterior chain and can be used in a number of programming situations as you learn the front squat and beyond into all aspects of your training.”

Ashley Jones

Crusaders Head Strength Coach – Super 14 Rugby

New Zealand

“Hey Steve,

Rave reviews from my guys on the Front Squat Harness!!! All issues in performing the front squat are resolved with the harness.

It is also the most sore they have ever been from the front squat. I attribute this to their ability to go heavier and deeper using the harness.

A great device!!

Thanks a million”

Dale Spitzer

Ft. Defiance, VA

United States

“David Stagg, who holds our club tackling record. As he only weighs 97 kg and has great endurance, he has to do plenty of tackling (ie. the bigger blokes run at him and he keeps aiming up at them every single time). From this heavy collision-oriented workload, he can get niggling shoulder injuries that detract from his full range of motion in some weeks. In this instance, he cannot actually get his right arm up to do a full back or front squat ~ but he is still doing his full squat training using the Front Squat harness from GetStrength. So he holds the harness at chest level with his right hand and takes the usual front squat (clean grip) with his left and starts knocking out multiple sets of 10 reps.

Dr. Daniel Baker,

Strength Coach,

Brisbance Broncos Rugby League Club


Today after 28 months of no squating after dislocating my shoulders, I finally squated my body weight again, small steps but with your help I think I’m heading in the right direction, I am making huge gains with my front squat harness too. I like the way I can keep my shoulders locked in tight and stable the whole way through the exercise. Thank you so much

Louise Corcoran

NZ Skeleton Racer. Olympic Athlete. Kiwi. Skeleton Slider.

New Zealand

My last workout went really well. I tightened the bolt like you recommended. Also, I used my squat bar, which has good knurling and that seemed to help. I also squatted to a box, I think I had been feeling out my depth and I had been a little jerky causing some of my problems. Anyway I had the workout I had been hoping for, and I’m really happy with the harness.

Thank you.

Dirk (USA)

Harness arrived yesterday, used for the first time today with moderate weight on the bar. Just as well I did, what an effect on the quads! this is a terrific piece of equipment and has all the advantages of rear squats without the discomfort or shoulder strain. I shall certainly recommend it to the people I’m in touch with including Frank Zane.

Thanks again,

Allan (UK)


I just want to tell you again how much I enjoy using the Front Squat Harness. I did not understand what they were talking about in the write ups. The lower back is brought into play more not in a

dangerous way but in a way to develop the muscles. Once you take the stress off hands and shoulders the structures you want to develop get the work. The exercise when done with the harness is not easier but more efficient. You can work very hard and that is the idea of a good tool.

You eliminate the danger of injuring your elbow or knee in an accident like dropping the weight.You burn your legs and become breathless. Thanks again.

Elliot (USA)

So far, so good. I was able do hit a new PR today using the harness for the first time!

Great Product!

Bret (USA)

The Harness just came.I put a light weight on and tried it. I can tell right away that this is a great tool but you know already.

Thank you,

Elliot (USA)

Dear Mr Thompson

I just want to say thank you for the good service you have offered. I received the front squat harness yesterday and it has allready been tested.

Best regards

Allan (DENMARK) Europe

Hi Steve just to let you know i received the front harness on 11th January. Well pleased with this equipment. Keep up the good work. Happy New Year.


Cahal (UK)


It arrived the day I wrote. Isn’t that usually the way? I love it! Lots of people at my gym want one.



Hey Steve,
Just wanted to let you know i got my harness and i love it, its the best squat i have ever done


Hey Steve,

I just received my FSH, all I can say is AWESOME PRODUCT!!!
My legs thank you, so I can squat again… properly!

– Aneesh USA


The front squat harness is absolutely great. It’s the best piece of equipment I have in my home gym. With only a month’s use so far, I’m easily stronger and more explosive in my lower body than I have ever been before. I am looking forward to getting back on the rugby pitch because I am certain my play has improved.

Thanks again,

Ben Ruth