Who is Steve Thompson?

Steve Thompson

Who is Steve Thompson? I am Managing Director and founder of Getstrength.com International. Strength Coach since 1999 New Zealand Powerlifting Record holder. I have competed in two IPF World Powerlifting Championships and was the coach for the Worlds Masters Powerlifting Bench Champs in Miami, USA 2006. I am the holder of four New Zealand Powerlifting records and […]

The Olympic front squat

“The Olympic front squat, as opposed to the silly ‘bodybuilders hands crossed over the bar front squat’, is one of the best exercises that can be performed in the gym. It uses practically every muscle in the body, takes the joints through a complete range of motion, and strengthens and stretches the body more than […]


Simplicity Ashley Jones As Thibadeau has been quoted as saying “complexity is the language of simple minds” this being a truism, I would like to believe that the reverse is also true that simplicity is the outcome of a complex questioning mind. I am a Physical Performance coach for rugby, so I have to juggle […]

Front Squat Harness Report

Getstrength Front Squat Harness® – The Front Squat Harness is must for all serious strength athletes.The front squat will increase leg strength and core stability. By using the front squat harness you will get maximal results.My opinion is that the front squat is the most under rated exercise in the world . The Front squat […]

Front Squat Harness World Records

Front Squat Harness World Records

GS Front Squat Harness World Records Official Board   Mens Over 100kg ( 220lbs ) Bodyweight Steve Lousich (New Zealand) B/W 110kg Weight 230kg (507 Lbs) Date 10/8/2008 Video Confirmation Mens Under 100kg ( 220lbs ) Bodyweight   Standard (county) B/W Weight 140kg (308 Lbs) Date 18/2/2009   Video Confirmation   Womens Over 80kg ( 176lbs ) Bodyweight […]