Front Squat Harness Report

Getstrength Front Squat HarnessĀ® – The Front Squat Harness is must for all serious strength athletes.The front squat will increase leg strength and core stability. By using the front squat harness you will get maximal results.My opinion is that the front squat is the most under rated exercise in the world .

The Front squat is neglected by athletes and trainers; this is due to deltoid load or lack of flexibility though the shoulders during the movement. The front squat is mostly under trained, caused by the fact of not being able to hold the bar in the right position on the shoulders. You will over come this problem with the Front Squat Harness.

The Front Squat is one of the most effective power building exercises, however many strength athletes do not get full benefit from the Front Squat, because they cannot position the bar comfortably nor correctly on the shoulders.

The Front Squat Harness is made out of 5 mm Industrial rolled steel, with 25 mm foam padding and has been tested over 600lbs. This is the perfect tool for athletes and trainers.

By Steve Thompson Founder

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