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Front Squat Harness All-Sport


We designed the  Front Squat Harness All Sport (compact) to cater for a wide range of athletes. The Front Squat Harness All Sport will  handle over 300lbs, but it’s more to do with your ability to hold the pins upright.
It comes down to technique, if you can keep upright as you would with any front squat there will be no problem holding the pins.
We have found that the new Front Squat Harness All Sport simulates the Front Squat more so than the regular GS Front Squat Zercher Harness. With the unit being shorter in design in the front, there are more muscles engaged throughout the front squat. The elbows need to be kept up through the full range of motion, the core and lower back muscles need to be engaged, and the upper-back (scapular) needs to be contracted. Exactly as you would with a Barbell Front Squat without the Harness. The only difference is, there is less discomfort and the athlete does not require the same wrist, elbow and shoulder flexibility.

In summary, you just can’t cheat with the new Front Squat  Harness All Sport. Correct technique is paramount!

Although the GS Front Squat Harness All Sport is lighter and smaller, it is still built the GS way, incredibly strong! The GS Front Squat Harness All Sport will fold to fit nicely in your gym bag.
Front Squat Harness All Sport in Action Below: