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600lb Front Squat

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“The Number 1 Reason Why You Must Front Squat”

The ultimate exercise for posterior chain and quad development.

4 Reasons why you must Front Squat…

  • The ultimate exercise for posterior chain and quad development.
  • The Front Squat teaches muscle awareness.
  • Huge upperback development
  • Gains in flexability and mobility

Why The Getstrength Front Squat Zercher Harness…

  • Build explosive power without the fear of dropping the bar
  • The Getstrength Harness is incredibility stable on the shoulders
  • All safety measures have been taken with this device to keep the athlete on top of their gamet
  • Front Squat comfort is paramount

Welcome to,  Having problems with front squats?

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Front Squat technique suffering because you do not have the flexibility in your shoulders?

Shoulder pain getting the better of you?

  • “I love Front Squatting but my delts hurt to much”
  • “The Front Squat is by the far the best leg and core exercise ever but I just can’t squat deep enough because i can not keep my elbows up through out the squat”
  • “Front Squats kills my shoulders”

Well we have the solutionNo more shoulder painInstant technique adjustmentNo Squatting depth issuesTrain the legs to there full potentialRead on…..

Don’t fail the lift because you can’t hold the weight properly!

We have taken the top selling New Generation Front Squat Harness to a new level in extreme strength training. Not only can you Front Squat up to 1000 lbs but how about hitting the Zercher lift big time without the arm pain?

[testimonial name=”Tony Boutagy” about=”Boutagy Fitness Institute, Australia” url=”” image=””]GETSTRENGTH’S FRONT SQUAT HARNESS ALLOWS EVERYONE TO ENJOY THE BENEFITS OF FRONT SQUATTING[/testimonial]



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